Total Lifetime Planning Package

Total Lifetime Planning Package

We consider our Total Lifetime Protection Planning Package to be the minimum standard of protection everyone should have in place to protect their family and loved ones.

Our package puts your family and your estate in a strong position. It offers a high degree of protection of your assets following your loss of mental or physical capacity and upon death.

It is extremely cost effective way for people whose assets will be valued at less then £325,000 upon their death. The disadvantage of this package is that it does not offer protection of your assets during your lifetime.

Our Total Lifetime Protection Planning Package includes the professional drafting and implementation of the following:-

– Comprehensive Estate Planning Consultation, where applicable
– Written Legal Advice from a Qualified Lawyer
– Professionally Drafted Last Will & Testament
– Living Will
– Will including Discretionary Will Trust, if applicable
– Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs
– Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare
– Severance of Joint Tenancy to Tenants in Common, if applicable
– Detailed Letter of Wishes
– Supervised Attestation Meeting, where applicable
– Wealth Preservation Family Trust (not included in Standard Package)
– Protection of Main Residence, up to Nil Rate Band (not included in Standard Package)
– Land Registry Documentation (not included in Standard Package)
– HMRC Documentation (not included in Standard Package)
– Secure Document Storage (not included in Standard Package)
– Comprehensive Estate Planning Review for Estates Valued in Excess of £325,000 (not included in Standard Package)
– Lasting Power of Attorney Registration (OPTIONAL EXTRA)
– Professional Trustee Appointment (OPTIONAL EXTRA)
– Additional Wealth Preservation Family Trusts (OPTIONAL EXTRA)
– Protection of Additional Assets in Trust (OPTIONAL EXTRA)

The cost of our Total Lifetime Protection Planning Package is as low as £1,746 for a single person or £2,096 for a couple.

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