Tax Consultation and Report

Tax Consultation and Report

Tax Planning Consultations may take place at your home, our offices, an alternative location of your choice or by a pre arranged telephone conference.

Initially in order to ensure you receive the best possible advice from one of our experienced professional Tax Planning Consultants is an initial appointment. In this appointment the Consultant will seek to discover your goals, the value of your assets and to discuss some of the options available to you.

Should you be happy with our Consultant’s recommendations and wish to continue, your formal instructions will be taken by our Consultant. Your Consultant will then pass on to our Chartered Accountant with the information you have provided so that they can draft a Tax Planning Strategy to fit your needs.

In a further appointment with one of our professional Tax Planning Consultants, a Tax Planning Strategy designed to fit your exact needs will be presented to you in writing. The Consultant will then explain how each part of the Strategy will work together to fulfill your goals.

If you decide to proceed the Tax Planning Consultant will supervise the Attestation of the legal documentation which make up your Tax Planning Strategy. The Company will then register the appropriate documentation to fully implement your Tax Planning Strategy.

If at any time in the future you wish to make any amendments to your Tax Planning Strategy, we will always be available to assist you.


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