supervised attestation meeting

Documents such as a Last Will & Testament, Will Trust, Powers of Attorney or Wealth Preservation Family Trust are not legally valid unless appropriately witnessed.

Legal challenges can easily be made against legal documents that are not appropriately witnessed. If a legally binding document is not appropriately witnessed they fail to be legally binding. This can lead to a valid legal challenge being mounted against them very easily.

Loved ones can find that they do not benefit from a Will because the assets are diverted by remarriage. If one spouse dies and the surviving spouse remarries, then your children and grandchildren could lose out.

Alternatively, if your surviving spouse remarries then divorces from their new partner, their new partner could walk away with up to 70% of your estate or if your children inherit and subsequently divorce, your son or daughter in law could walk away with 100% of your estate.

Appropriate witnessing should be made by a third party who is not related to the person signing the document and that has no direct financial interest in the validity of the person signing the document.

In practical terms a Attestation Meeting is the witnessing of a legally binding document, such as a Last Will & Testament, Will Trust, Powers of Attorney or Wealth Preservation Family Trust, should be witnessed by a completely independent third party such as ourselves.

Should a person that you did not wish to benefit from your estate seek to mount a legal challenge to the wishes expressed within any of the Estate Planning products we have arranged for you, this Company will vigorously contest the validity of their challenge on your behalf, regardless of whether this occurs during your lifetime or following your death.

The professional provision of Supervised Attestation is included completely Free of charge for all products we provide to all Clients who attend our offices or allow us to visit them in their home.


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