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Last Will & Testaments

If you don't have a Will you have no say over what happens to your assets when you die which can cause big difficulties for your loved ones. Everyone should have a Will, we can help you ensure the right people inherit your wealth.

Do you need a Will?

People often assume that if they die without a Will their partner will inherit their Estate, this is not necessarily the case. If you die without a Will you will have died intestate. The Courts will effectively write your Will for you. They will demand that your Estate is distributed in accordance with their own strict rules. The rules are supposed to be fair, but they may not suit you and could result in your assets not going to the people that you want to benefit, instead they may go to the people you did not want to benefit. In addition, the probate process can be extremely long, complicated, expensive and distressing for the people you leave behind. This can leave your family with various financial and legal issues which can be exacerbated even further if there any ex-partners or children who decide to raise a dispute.

This is why everyone should have a Will especially if you own property, are married, in a civil partnership, have a long-term partner, children, dependants or someone who is not a close family member who you may wish to leave something for. It is worth spending a few minutes and a few pounds, to protect those you care about most. Our clients can rest assured as they have legally recorded how they want their assets divided providing their loved ones with the security and support they will need at such a difficult time. It is possible to write your own Will, but it is a good idea to seek professional advice. Our clients can rest assured knowing they have taken advantage of any available tax reliefs and their instructions are clear, compliant with legal requirements and will be followed after their death. Having spent your lifetime working to build up your assets, you should be in control of who inherits it. We can help you ensure your wealth is preserved and your loved ones are protected in the best possible ways.

Why choose us?

Many people try to save money by writing their own Will or buying a cheap DIY Will packs from a stationers or online. This is a false economy, as probate Solicitors confirm they earn far more from sorting out incorrectly drafted Wills than they do from selling professionally drafted Wills. If you make a mistake in your Will, your beneficiaries pay the price. If an insured professional makes an error, their Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover any loss to your Estate. It is important to take a number of different factors into consideration when deciding how to draft your Will. These include the laws relating to taxation, property law, succession, family law and social care. It takes years of study and many hours of ongoing training each year to keep up to date in these areas. Therefore, it is important that your Will is drafted by an insured professional.

Failure to provide flexibility within a Will to cater for changes of circumstances in the future can lead to a significant financial loss to beneficiaries. Millions of pounds are lost each year because people fail to make an appropriate professionally drafted Will. We provide professionally drafted and fully insured Wills at very reasonable prices.

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