About Us

About Us

Westminster Trustee Executor & Protector Services commenced trading in 1999 as a trading style of its current owners. Westminster Trustee Executor & Protector Services originally arranged large funding facilities from International financial institutions for UK based businesses and arranged Wealth Management & Protection for the wealthy.

The emergence of the financial crisis in 2008 led to Westminster Trustee Executor & Protector Services progressively focusing its endeavors into the area of Wealth Management & Protection.

After witnessing the catastrophic financial effect bereavement, divorce and paternity lawsuits had upon numerous long term clients. The owners began to recognise the obvious need for a way to enable clients to access the benefits of Trustee Executor & Protector Services in a cost effective manner.

In 2011 after many months of consultation with specialist Solicitors and Barristers that specialise in the relevant area of Law, Westminster Trustee Executor & Protector Services was eventually able to offer clients Trustee Executor & Protector Services services for a fraction of the cost they previously cost. Westminster Trustee Executor & Protector Services was now able to offer existing clients all of the benefits of an appropriate Trustee Executor & Protector Services, as opposed to tens of thousands of pounds regularly charged by specialist Solicitors.

In 2013 the original partners decided to expand their business by offering various additional services and to become limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales forming WTEP Limited.

Westminster Trustee Executor & Protector Services is currently Professional Trustees or Protectors to Trusts valued in excess of ten million pounds.


Widow Seeks Deceased Husbands Secret Assets
England and Wales Courts to Appoint Guardians of Property and Affairs of Missing Person
Daughters Proprietary Estoppel Claim Wins Her Third of Farm Value
Sussex Man Penalised for failing to Reveal Lifetime Gift to Executers
Treasury Abandon Plans for Single Inheritance Tax Nil Rate Band to be Divided Between all of Individual Settlor Trusts
Prison for Solicitor who Overcharged Clients
Woman who Disowns Mother Fails at Claim on her Estate
Brother Rejected as Deputy for Failing to Notify Relatives
Courts Rule Wealthy Beneficiaries Entitled to Anonymity
Insurers of Negligent Solicitors Ordered to Pay All Costs of Both Parties
Widow Wins Fight to Bury her Soldier Husband
Conservative Party Promise £1,000,000 Homes to be Inheritance Tax Free
Large Number of People Now Receive Substantial Legacies

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